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Why Dating an Older Woman are Sexy?

A young man is dating an older woman and they are having dinner together.

Dating an older woman can come with a lot of baggage and judgement from those around you. Maybe you’re looking for a new partner, and exploring all your available options. Or maybe you’ve already met an amazing older woman, but you’re too intimidated by fear of a new relationship dynamic to jump in. As a man, you may receive comments like, “You couldn’t find anyone younger?” or “She’s too old for you, man”. But if you’re ready to level up as a man and reach a new level of understanding in your relationships that you don’t feel a younger woman can give you, and you’re not afraid to explore new dynamics and balances in a relationship, dating a more mature woman can give you a whole new perspective on life and love. Here are six ways dating an older woman can be incredibly sexy and change your life.

She Has More Life Experience

She’s known more people, which makes her a better judge of human character. She can sniff out a phony guy a mile away, so if she’s chosen to date you, she knows you’re the real deal, whether there’s an age gap or not. She’s probably traveled more, so she has more great stories to tell and a broader mind. More mature women know so much more about the highs and lows of life. They know about life’s pains and joys, making them much more empathetic to date and have a relationship with. Dating an older woman can be a very rewarding experience for their great experiences that they have to offer, to grow your own perspective on life and share her life story.

She is Confident

Experience brings confidence. And confidence is sexy. This is the ultimate reason dating older women is sexy – because she is confident. Self-confidence and self-love bring out a glow in a person that others can’t help but notice, young or old. This confidence and glow will only be brighter for the love and attention that you can give her. Her confident manner will make you proud to have her around you, and that mindset will flow over to you as well, increasing your confidence in yourself and in her as your partner. All the experience that a more mature woman can bring to the table leads to better knowledge of herself and what she wants, and this translates into deeper intimacy and love for her and her partner.

She Knows What She Wants

Younger women often think they know what they want in a relationship, but it may be just what she thinks you want, or what’s popular. Older or more mature women in a relationship have the life experience to know exactly what they really want. Meeting those wants and needs could be in any number of ways; emotionally, sexually, physically. Dating older women can often be more straightforward than dating younger women. You’re signing up for a deeper level of knowledge in each other, rather than signing up for mind games or uncertainty. Knowing that you are reaching a deeper level of understanding can be very sexy for you and for her. Knowing that both of you are both getting exactly what you really want out of the relationship is a great confidence booster for you, as her partner, as well.

She is More Financially Secure and Less Needy

An older woman often is more able to stand on her own feet financially than a younger one. She can be more financially independent than a younger woman, who may look to you to pay for more of the shared expenses of a relationship. Dating a more mature woman can be freeing for you because you don’t have to worry so much about supporting her, providing for her, and making plans for her future should she outlive you. This can free your mind to simply enjoy the pleasures of the present with her. The two of you may also be more able to do adventurous things together – take more trips, enjoy the small pleasures of life that financial flexibility can offer. Financially, she doesn’t need to have you in her life – she can stand on her own. But she wants to be with you, and that makes all the difference.

She is Appreciative of the Little Things in a Relationship

Older women have been through more relationships, for better and for worse. Dating her will mean that you get the benefit of her experiences with how to make a relationship successful. She has seen what it means to a man to appreciate his small gestures, and you will be able to feel that appreciation. Older women will know how important it is to laugh at your jokes, notice your subtle gestures and small acts of kindness, and maintain a nice appearance even well into the relationship (if long-term is what you want). Her life experience can also make her better at flirting with you – picking up on your cues, and making it either very subtle or more overt, depending on your mutual need in the situation.

She is More Sexually Experienced

She can tell you what she wants and how she wants it. Remember how confidence is sexy? This is where you can see the best part of it. She’s not embarrassed about her body or her needs. All the ways intimacy can be more deeply expressed with a more mature woman come out here, making sex incredible. She also has enough experience that she can please you as well, in ways that a younger woman with less experience or more inhibitions may not be able to do. Dating an older woman can challenge you as a man to bring your greatest skills as a lover to the relationship, and require you to humble yourself to listen and learn new skills to please a mature woman who knows what she wants.

Dating an older woman can be a very revealing experience. You can achieve new heights in intimacy, attain greater self-knowledge and knowledge of your partner, and become a more mature, more open-minded person. The sex can be next-level, the life experiences can wow you, and the pleasures of everyday living can stand out more clearly to you and to her. Dating an older woman is sexy because she wants to be with you, and because being together brings a new level to your life and to hers.